CGS Project


The project Partnership comprises

- C.S.E.N., the largest Sports Promotion Body in Italy, has a sports division dedicated to chess for educational purposes. It's the project Applicant.

- EUROPEAN CHESS UNION (ECU) is the representative sports body for chess in Europe with 56 affiliated chess federations. It has endorsed the School Chess Teacher Certificate.

- ALFIERE BIANCO company, is engaged in the research and development of new models of school chess teaching, It is the ideator of this project.

- CLUB DEPORTIVO ELEMENTAL 64 VILLALBA is engaged in chess training in Madrid and the development of new teaching models dedicated to teachers.

- UPPSALA SSS is one of the largest chess clubs in Sweden and focuses its activities only on school-age children.

- UNIVERSITY OF TURIN (UNITO) is among the universities in Europe which has carried out the most research into the effects of playing chess at school.

- FUNDACIÓN APRENDER includes 2 schools in Madrid, among the first to introduce chess between school subjects for educational purposes.

- UPPSALA Municipality with BÖRJE SKOLA of Uppsala has been using chess in education in all primary school classes since 2012.

- The ITALIAN NETWORK OF SCHOOLS FOR CHESS consists of 2 Apulian schools (Italy) with the aim of spreading the game of chess in schools.

- LE DUE TORRI is an Italian company with high level knowledge in web platforms for training and chess gamining.